Directed Energy Weapons

what i mean by directed energy weapons is not this:

but this
in short, a directed energy weapon uses a NON VISIBLE beam of energy to cause damage or disable/destroy optical devices by using heat or radiations instead of using a kinetic projectile for causing damage by penetration and kinetic force
most of those weapons can’t be used against infantry because not only they are less efficient in terms of capacity to kill, but they are really limited in terms of ammunition (contrarly to what most people think when they see one of these weapons) and they cause useless suffering by permanent blindness and 3rd degree burns, so they are banned by the laws of war.
however, in a world like the one of unturned, nothing can block you from using weapons like these, and since you can acces to secret military bases when you can find prototype weapons…
nelson pls add a friggin DEWs as a category of weapons.


Short answer: No


If we are going to have laser guns (I would perfer scifi to stay sci fi lite but ignoring that) they should be visible. It would be pretty lame to get a super strong gun, and then it doesn’t look cool when you shoot it. Also if the beam was invisible, it would be gamebreaking to go up against, as you would be getting shot from absolutely no where, and would just be taking damage, and if laser guns would make a noise that was somehow equivalent to the small explosion that guns have, that would be weird. Just because something exists IRL doesnt mean it should exist in UII, especially when its something this weird. Blindness should not be something that exists, and even if it was just a constant flashbang effect when being shot in the face, that would be crazy annoying. Basically what pork said.


So in short…you want a directed-energy weapon with an invisible beam just so you can annoy someone to death by shining what’s the equivalent of a miniature sun compressed inside an oversized flashlight into their eyes?

You’re better off just using a regular flashlight.


In all honesty, it could have a lot more sense if you said that we could use these for frying up security cameras, turret’s optical sensors and other kinds of electronic devices and mechanisms, as an advanced end-game raiding weapon.

But instead, you’ve chosen ppl… And seeing how it works IRL, I just don’t see any way we could balance it ingame for it to be lethal but also for it not being a waste, being out there faster and more efficient ways to kill.

Well, DEWs usually tend to overheat faster than kinetic weapons and they consume a really big amount of energy, especially if they are intended to be lethal, you definitely can’t use a normal battery to power them, let’s say that if you want it to be powerful enough to be able in killing a player in 5/6 shots you’ll need
a car battery, and considering this gun will be rare in the first place that’s a good balancing

I mean, nelson can still add weapons that shoot only plasma, those have a visible tracer like normal kinetic weapons

Short answer to the short answer: explain why not

Microwave beam would be pretty dangerous against electronics.

Not only that, but a microwave gun is already a project for crowd control, it uses short bursts of microwaves for inducing pain without causing any injury, the only problem is that microwaves disperse quickly and a microwave gun would act more like a shotgun or a flamethrower, you don’t use it for hitting with precision but for hitting multiple targets


But it would be pretty useful to control zombies, maybe

Yeah, also because it would slow them down, but the actual prototype they are working on is actually mounted on a truck:

Or… KREOSAN (mb weak af)

(the other problem is that things like this tend to overheat quickly, so you can’t use it effectively to keep a horde of zombies suppressed while you shoot them because it would probably explode and fudge your precious truck up)

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Because this is going to be a survival game, we don’t need laser weapons to survive, and we don’t want the game to devolve into a 3.x PvP fest again.

Would be more interesting if it’s intended purpose backfires against zombies, which instead of suppressing them you’re attracting them to your last firing location.

Cause you know, they’re undead (Or infected… whatever) and the only thing you can do is damage, kill or flinch them. They don’t back down from pain, they go forward towards the source of the ‘Pain’ (Just like in-game).

Just a crazy idea so that these ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ aren’t used for combat or sound too ‘Overpowered’.


Yes but you can slow them with the really high amount of heat that this microwave weapon produces, the reason it is shot in bursts is because a two second exposure heats the skin to 130° Fahrenheit, a longer exposure could hit muscles and vital organs causing permanent damage, a exposure longer than 5 seconds can be lethal, especially if parts like the brain are exposed

Most of the DEWs don’t have capacity to kill as the normal kinetic weapons, especially if you think about a laser gun that causes damage but is really inefficient at penetration, since it uses heat to penetrate and most of the body armors are made of ceramic and metals that are heat resistant, you can use them against unarmored enemies but a 9mm pistol would be more efficient, their only advantage is that they don’t have any bullet drop and are really accurate

There’s actually something made for distracting or disorientating the enemy, it’s called a sound gun, it’s basically a directional speaker that project a really loud sound in a certain direction

I’m talking about guns that can be found extremely rarely in secret military bases, so getting them would be almost impossible

Woah there, slow down.

How does heat slow down things again?

Which is it? You can’t have a weapon that’s somehow really accurate yet is supposed to hit multiple targets at once? Is it a laser or a microwave gun, because you can’t have both.

Lemme sum up your points here:

  • It overheats quickly
  • It’s extremely rare and is found in secret military bases and is almost impossible to find
  • It does less damage than a pistol to unarmored enemies
  • It’s really accurate and has no drop
  • It doesn’t even distract as well as a sound gun that is probably much easier to find



Here you have a prototype secret military weapon that overheats quickly, uses massive amounts of energy to be powered, and can’t do as much damage as even a pistol to unarmored enemies, again, what in the seventeenth rotating fuck is the point?

So lemme tell you what I see going on here.
You want a realistic, super-cool sci-fi-esque directed energy weapon, but since you don’t want it to be overpowered and futuristic, you’ve based it on similar weapons already in existence that are designed for riot control. Therefore, there is no possible way a useless glass cannon that can’t even kill effectively is going to be implemented in a way that is feasible because this concept is binary. It’s either completely useless, or stupidly overpowered, and right now your suggestion is leaning towards completely useless.

That being said, have a good day.

expects Something awesome like a laser gun or a pulsar gun, but in actuality it is…


yo I know crazy idea here but how about f i r e a r m s

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They’re not called firearms, they are called MAsS KiLLiNg FUlLy SEMiAuTOmaTic WEaPonS Of MaSS DEsTrICTiOn

I dom’t want just one

I want all of them