Dirty Bomb


Hows it going everyone

Dr. moth here
Bringing you your daily dose shit

I bring to you a CS:GO clone that is actually decent. I don’t think i need to explain much since its sort of like a CS:GO Clone but better.

Oh yeah, there’s also classes
i forgot what the classes were since i have 0.5 or 3 hours on it considering my computer is shit


dont fucking dare call dirty bomb a clone of cs:go, because it isnt. Also your about a year late, the game is quite ded :(.


well i haven’t played it an awhile
I said it was a good Cs:go Clone


Due to financial reasons the company has ceased to update the game.


I remember seeing this advertised all over when it launched, People were calling it free to play overwatch. Never could get into it though… Sad to hear the devs had to shutdown though


It was in development way before Overwatch, which makes me quite sad that people think it was a clone.


Dirty Bomb is one of the best shooters I’ve ever played, I’m very sad the game took a slippery slope because of awful management.


Removing the ability to pay with money also boosted my FPS, huh.