Discord Ban Appeal (456465755026751488)

Hello guys the reason for the ban in the discord was “NSF AVI” if i need to be completly onest with you i didn’t even know in the first place that i was in the discord but, regardless thats not an excuse, i dont have a nsfw avi anymore(actually it even wasnt nsfw the picture was just too big) and its been 3 years since the ban, a little late to appeal i guess but if possible i would like to be unbanned the avi now is normal and so i would love to be unbanned thank you so much for your attention.

We would need your Discord name or better yet ID) to process this appeal

456465755026751488 this is my id the name is the same as my username here

Do you need anything else?

No, no we don’t.

I mean I did ask you to change it alongside a mention.

But sure, consider yourself unbanned.

Thank you very much

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