Discord Ban Appeal | Bigotry (?), i guess?


I don’t get how this gif may be malicious/offensive to the LGBTQIA+ community. It may be offensive to muslim people, as that post contained :star_struck: emoji which is just a part of me laughing on such people who are afraid of the addition of ONE FLAG in the game’s menu.
I don’t especially get it considering I was perm banned when there’s literally no bad intent to it :confused:. You should acknowledge I consider myself bisexual, as well as having a relative who is not-so-openly (you know, Russia is a homophobic state) LGBTQIA+ and having contacts with a real life friend who considers themself an opposite gender.

You’re fighting with the wrong side and you should call up a meeting with the moderation team to revoke this unjustified and friendly-fired punishment. @MoltonMontro

#TransRights :transgender_flag: :transgender_symbol: :rainbow_flag: #StopFriendlyFire

I do admit that my ban reason may have been incorrect. But you stated what it should have been. Offensive to Muslims. But I will also address the other parts of your claim. Just because you yourself identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, does not allow you to make fun of them, or get away with it. There is no place for harassment of any group of people(s) on this server. We heavily moderate posts that are targeted toward one audience. Since your writing makes it seem like you are pretty involved in this, you should know this already.

TLDR; This server is not the place for harassment towards any group regardless of the ideas/intentions behind it.

Since this was more of a question from you instead of an appeal. This is denied.

You haven’t addressed this issue whatsoever.

It should end there. There’s no reason for this unjustified ban, at all.

L? It was a bait and it showed you are a dogwhistler and indeed a bad moderator.

So is it that I offended LGBTQIA+ community or is it that I offended muslims?

I don’t know how me mentioning a child who is influenced by bigoted culture is an act of bad faith. Maybe you should talk with LGBTQIA+ people more?

I said my ban reason was incorrect, not my ban.

Me banning you because you posted something that was offensive to Muslims makes me a dog whistler and a bad moderator?

I decided to speak on your other points that were unrelated to the ban.

You don’t know how you posting a meme that was offensive to a culture and not appropriate in the server got you banned?

how is this inappropriate lmao, it’s a light joke and no one disliked it/was offended by it
We all know our differences and we shouldn’t be aware by it, I’m fine with muslims hating LGBTQIA+ people as long as they don’t enforce it on others. And I wasn’t enforcing all-on LGBTQIA+ support on them either

Seems like you hate both groups of people and want to censor everything just to control situations which would never occur

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You just made it up because I said it

It’s inappropriate because it’s intended to make fun of a group of people.

You don’t get to decide if people were offended by it was it was up for a short amount of time.

I really didn’t ask you what your thoughts on the matter are, but thanks.

You are absolutely correct in stating that I want to keep any negativity about any groups of people out of the server.

How this gif shows negativity towards muslims can you explain?

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Also this part is funny because you literally changed the reason of why I was banned because you saw I am LGBTQIA+ friendly and am a part of it.

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Previously you called the whole Muslim religion bigoted, whether it is or not is out of the question, that’s what you believe and why you posted the meme, and what you wanted to share through the posting of that meme. SDG’s beliefs are that Bigotry is bad, which is also my belief. In relation, you calling the whole Muslim religion Bigoted means that you think the Muslim religion is bad. Because of that, it is entirely possible that someone will see that meme, agree with you, and also think that the Muslim religion is bad, therefor causing those people to treat people who may be Muslim inside of that server with harassment or bullying based off their beliefs. Which goes against one of our rules.

The removing of that meme you posted will prevent people of certain groups from being harassed in that server.

sidenote: I feel sensible Deus’ vibes here, Unturned Discord’s moderators would never change

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Definitely not, I know you and what you stand for, and I was very aware of that even when I banned you. No one gets special treatment when it comes to bans and lengths.

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It all literally happened after I was banned and here on Forums, anyone can read that.

And this is me who made up that ban reason of “offending muslims”, on your behalf and you started using it. Again, anyone can read that.

Why not ban these conflict people out of the server then? My gif wasn’t to mess with muslims and whoever non-muslim does it - this is their problem. These people are problematic not because of me, they are problematic on their behalf. These dogs could be influenced by everyone and mess with everyone. If a person is friendly you can’t turn him hostile towards certain group from a meme gif which depicts a muslim child being shocked of a flag; if a bad person is in your Discord server they can find a different cause to break rules.That’s not my issue.

Even now you’re being extremely disrespectful towards Muslims by calling them dogs. Well, your made-up ban reason conveniently is your ban reason. Do you want me to ban someone based on what they believe? I would if they started sharing what they believe inside that server, as talking about religion goes against our rules. But you want me to ban people just because they identify with something?

I said that about non-muslims, e.g. neo nazis and any other edgy people who want to break rules and insult muslims. And I said they will find any other excuse to do that and not my lightened joke. Ban those, not me.

And I don’t see what is wrong with calling edgies dogs, because like dogs these people bark on others for no reason.

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Looks like the ban appeal was rejected several posts ago as the image shouldn’t have been posted.

If you’d like to appeal again in the future (e.g., for an unban, or a reduction in ban length), consider doing so after some time has passed since this appeal.

Appeal had been rejected at this time.