Discord Ban Appeal — revisited

I’m writing this to revisit my previous post regarding a ban appeal. 26 Days later;
As I am yet to hear a response and am still banned hopefully this matter can be resolved.

I’ll re-explain the situation;
On the main Discord, I had posted something which had been later deemed as being “irrelevant” content. Was I warned or muted first? Unfortunately no.
Based on comments from The Staff team on my previous post— it seems some had viewed this as being an excessive punishment.

As I moderate for several Discord servers, I’m always active on the platform—
My DMs are always open, even when this all happened. I had received zero messages from any bots informing me that I was warned. Nor had I heard anything from the Staff team.
Additionally, there were apparently some issues with the Bot at this time (again mentioned by Staff)
All that I had seen were my messages missing.
As I often have encounter failures with sending messages (due to poor connection) I mistakenly assumed that this was the case, hence why the same image was posted multiple times in the same channel.

Personally, I love Unturned and invest a great deal of time into the game. I’ve played it on and off since its first released on Steam.
I merely wish to be a part of the community.
If a Staff member happens to read this, I would appreciate any insight into the matter.
Thanks again for reading this!

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Not to be rude or anything, but who are you again?
If a appeal thread goes nowhere like what you described you can view it as rejected, even if you never did get a definitive answer.
Oddly enough I can’t find your original post, which probably means it got flagged as rejected, locked and deleted.

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As of me writing this—
It’s still active, apparently

Ye since I checked post history and this being an alt…

Hello! I just wanted to check in.
Has there been an official decision made by the Staff team regarding my appeal?

its not looking good brev

I unbanned you. Vex accepted your appeal.

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Average pointless Fluffy reply

Appeal acknowledged by Discord staff team. User has been unbanned.