Discord Ban Appeal - Sprinklertek

Name: Sprinklertek
Discord ID: 476574291689865257

Hello, this afternoon I was banned from the Unturned Offical discord indefinitely for the reason of Homophobia. I was speaking the main general chat with an admin of the discord saying how I disliked the look of the Pride month profile banner. I made it fully clear that I supported Pride and just didnt like the design of the banner. The admin was completely fine with what I was saying and even responding then eventually going to bed. A couple minutes later a moderator comes into the chat and bans me permantly with no warnings even though me disliking the design of a banner has nothing to do with homophobia.

Hey @Sprinklertek,

It looks like you were banned for some of your later messages, such as asking if “a pair of balls” could be added to the server logo, and other behavior that appeared troll-y or inflammatory.

Your appeal has been denied at this time, but you’re welcome to try appealing again once more time has passed.

Clarified ban reason. Appeal denied due to the ban being too recent.