Discord Ban Appeal

I was in the offical discord Years ago and i was much more stupid back then and i was acting like a fool and i posted a link to a questionble thing and i got a banned for it, im wondering is it possble to get unbanned for it, i am tryin to get unbanned to talk to comissiners and order some Bulidings made.
Discord ID: 298547292561080332


The moderator who was responsible for your ban has rejected your appeal.
Sorry for the bad news.


The Discord moderator who was responsible for banning you back then would have replied to you themselves, but they are currently unavailable to do so.

However, based on the information provided (and the information tracked in the Discord’s logs) they are strongly opposed to accepting your appeal. They are opposed because they feel that the link you had posted included content that could have been interpreted as encouraging an action of dubious legality, and as encouraging other server members to potentially commit such an action as well.

I’m inclined to agree that the content would have violated Discord’s community guidelines on “Do not organize, promote, or engage in any illegal or dangerous behavior”. As such, I am also inclined to respect the moderation team’s opposition to your appeal.

If it’s of any relevance to you, all of the #commisions channels have been removed from the Unturned Official Discord server for some time now. I believe staff currently direct commissions to use dedicated modding servers instead, as these may often have dedicated commission sections.

Kind regards,
Tyler “MoltonMontro”

Is there a List of discord servers of it?