Discord Ban Appeal

Hi, I know you guys probably get a lot of these and this will probably get ignored but you miss 100% the shots you don’t take. I got banned permanently from the unturned official server a while ago (maybe even a year I don’t really remember). Anyways, I think the reason I got banned is that I posted a slightly offensive meme, I never had the intention of hurting or offending anyone with the meme and just wanted to make people laugh. The main reason I want to be unbanned is because I like to message a lot in the map channel and talk to people. It makes me happy helping people with their map questions/problems and I like to post my own questions/problems that people help me with.

Thank you for reading this and I am truly sorry for my actions, I have grown up and I like to think I’m more mature now :smiley:.

If I recall correctly, this should be the image I posted that got me banned.

BobbySmurf#3633 - Discord Name & Id

We need at least the handle you were banned under or better yet your ID. Can’t do anything like this. Also I very much doubt that reaction macro got you banned.

@BobbySmurf That image… I’m not sure what you’re expecting.

Never mind, your ID is 838970395134394388 and you did in fact get banned for posting a meme about rape, I don’ think the image in OP would qualify but it technically does so we’ll have to ask @Genestic12.

You got banned on the 3th of February, so not even half a year ago.

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Thanks for replying, sorry I didn’t know I needed to show an ID. I would just really like a second chance, maybe just mute me for some time or put me on thin ice or just anything else but a perm ban :cry:

Before I say anything else I’d really like to know what your thought process was in posting that image.
Like, how did you reach the conclusion ‘posting this image is a good idea’?

This is kinda ironic coming from you…


As I said in the post, I thought it would be funny. Already had people in the comments make fun of me so I really don’t need more of it. Everyone makes mistakes, I don’t see why I cant get a second chance for something that I think is not that severe.

I don’t understand what your talking about.

Alright then, appeal accepted

From now on please think twice before posting what might be an offensive meme (personally I am perfectly fine with that but we cant have stuff like that in the server)

Appeal was accepted.