Discord Ban Appeal

Hello, this ban took place a 1 year ago, April 14th 2021. Although, me and a buddy of mine were messing around, he sent me a download. At first I did think it was one of the assets needed for one of my projects. Although, it did grab my token and he used my account as a self bot per say, and from what I’ve been told; He spammed racial slurs inside of the Unturned Discord.

Obviously it was a stupid mistake I did, and irresponsible on both of our parts. Although, I do not have a statement of him admitting it. So, I would like to apologize for those actions that were caused inside of the discord. I assure you that it will not happen again, and the only time I will be spending in UO is getting feedback on my maps, clothing etc, and looking for future commissions.

Although, my token has been secured and I did give the guy a talk. But, I have expanded my sources to UO for an example posting work I’ve done revolving around Maps, Clothing, NPC’s etc.

If I do need to get a statement from the guy admitting it, I will gladly post it. Although, as of right now I do not have the statement. I will have it once he wakes up.

Discord Information: Acezx#9497

  • Acezx

No user on the ban list by that name. Going to need the ID.
A statement to the guy admitting to it isn’t worth jack since we cannot verify it and even if we could its your account and your responsibility.

Odd, I talked to Vextrium and he found me. But, I’ll send my ID: 598419840650313739

Oddly enough the ban does show up and the name and handle match. Might just be me being too dumb to copy-paste properly. Mod that banned you is not longer part of the team, so he can’t revoke it. But yeah I don’t but the random toke stealing exe story. Best I can do is a vote for your unban (which would require a 2/3rds majority of the staff team) but I won’t innate that without at least some positive feedback.

Fair, the token thing isn’t believable which is why I still apologized for the action, since it was a mistake I made with my buddy. I might be able to get him into a VC but I doubt he’ll even want to join. Although, whatever works.

If this appeal does not work out, that is completely fine. Thank you for the responses.

If you do hold that vote, I’d love some type of feedback to what happened with this appeal, thank you so much have a wonderful day/night.

I have put up a staff vote, so we’ll let you know as soon as the result is out.

The vote has passed, so you’ve been unbanned. You may now join the server back.

Appeal was accepted.