Discord Ban Appeal

So, I posted a picture of a ghost throwing up gang signs and got banned for apparently posting a kkk gif, even tho there is no kkk logo, and it is just a dude with a sheet over his head throwing up gang signs.
I just want it to be shortened from Permanent
Gif : https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/855508434676875268/943695981705330798/499A377E-F7ED-48FC-8717-E43AC06E8514.gif

Far as I am concerned you deserved that, considering you already had mutes and a temp-ban

This is a clear example of you knowing what you were posting, considering how fast you deleted it. Your excuse "there is no KKK symbol. There is never a KKK symbol on their hood. Also, no “ghost costume” has a pointed hood. You should know better considering your past punishment history.

I’m denying this appeal.


Appeal was denied.

Hello, I am Ditmas1#0409. Recently I was banned from the discord, and I would like to appeal. I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding that I caused and hopefully get an unban. I promise It won’t happen again.

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Dimas As they say in Ukraine: не прибавить не убавить! - which means do not add, do not subtract, everything is short and to the point

I went straight to the point because I regret what I did, and if I get unbanned ill be sure to stay out of trouble.

Hey Ditmas1,

You’ve already submitted an appeal recently, and that appeal had been denied. Please consider appealing after a longer period of time has passed between your initial appeal. Merging this duplicate topic into the original appeal.

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