Discord Ban Appeal

Hello, I’m pledging for unban. I was banned day ago for using alt to advertise my server. I was found guilty. And I was guilty. But getting perm ban for this, that i don’t understand. it’s not like I’ve spammed 10+ in short interval. But yes, i am guilty and i am not running from it. I’ve learned from my mistakes and would not repeat it again. I’m pledging to get unban, promising same offences I did, or ever get warned, will not repeat. New ones i’ll try not to make. It happens to everyone, after all we’re not born perfect.

So, i hope i can talk to someone about it and try to manage get it done. Honestly, i feel sorry. Thank you.

edit: discord name → shauma#3577

Appel rejected on account of not having been banned. You can rejoin any time, but you can’t use the advertising channel anymore.

Appeal rejected on account not being banned and yet there is message that user is banned on invite link?

You had two accounts, the one you replied to Deus with in Meta, and the one you didnt. The account you replied with was kicked, the one you didn’t reply with was banned.

So, no chance of exchanging the bans on account? Cuz main one is banned.

The main one (the one you are trying to add me one, 267670934725459978) is not banned. The alt used for advertising (shauma#7040, 188281682988630017) is. Chances are you won’t be able to join on the main again since the other account used the same IP and IP does get checked when joining.
If thats the case I am afraid you are just not going to be able to rejoin again, I am not going to unban the alt.

alright, alt received message from carl that it is banned. shauma#7040
main received message that it is kicked. Yet invite shows that main is banned. shauma#3577

ah. so nothing changes.

Sounds about right. I am just straight up not accepting appeals for alts, and the main isn’t banned.

it’s alright. i do not care about alt. thank you for response. this can be closed.

Procedural close.