Discord Ban Appeal

Hello I was banned a while ago. My tag is Flitzofy#3313 (back then) now its Flitzofy#0069. User ID: 749787963398815796

I was banned due to (I believe was) controversy between a Unturned cosmetic gambling website that I was in relations with. I was told in the ban message to basically stop associating with the entity and then I would be invited back. It has been months now and I just found out through a moderators messages that I must go here for an appeal.

Yes, so if you are now asking if you can be unbanned you should probably also include proof that you are no longer associated with that site (or at the very least say so, you haven’t even done that)

As far as I am concerned you can stay banned, but thats not my call to make. It is one thing to be associated or hell maybe even promote a gambling site but there is zero reason to be ass about it.

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