Discord Ban Appeal

Yesterday (May 4th, 2023), i’ve been banned from UO because of meme about staswalle stereo, where it was written about “hanging” of members of this server
First of all, i’m not the original author of this meme. My friend send it to me.
I confused the “hanging” and “hang out” (no matter how stupid it may sound), and the most offensive thing i could mean is SS as Staswalle Stereo
I don’t wish anything bad on the members of this server, and i want to apologize to anyone i may have offended, i will try to look more closely at what i write in the future
My discord: Owaz’#0680
My discord ID: 664533196079104056


Looking at the moderation log, it seems like there’s been a repeat of similar issues you’ve been moderated for. Appeal denied at this time.


Appeal denied - repeat issue