Discord Ban Appeal

  1. You were banned from Unturned. Reason: saying f-ukraine through means of manipulation of the voice channel UI.

I have been sitting in a voice chat afk at 23:00 in Unturned on the 3/09/2023, having microphone problems and streaming Project: Five RP Development without Microphone.

Please check join logs on who joined the voice channel, as no one joined after the people I spoke to via text left, so whoever reported me for saying Ukraine insults was fraudulent to get me banned and most likely never even joined the voice channel.

I’m a Developer with over 600+ Members working on various Unturned Projects and have banned people for the same thing, there’s no reason for me to say such offensive things, when I have a lot of Ukraine friends and several Ukraine developers.

You can even ask NRG Goufy yt and SOLO YT that I didn’t use my microphone, someone who dislikes me most likely reported me and I got banned, when I didn’t say anything.


Is there any evidence provided for the ban action to occur?

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Appeal accepted. This was my mistake, I saw the channel status with just you as the only member. After reviewing the audit logs, I can say that it was someone else. I’m very sorry.


You got me scared for a minute.


Ban appeal accepted after further review.