Discord Ban Appeal

To the Unturned Official Discord Moderation Team,

I am writing to formally appeal my ban from the Unturned Official Discord server. I understand that my actions may have violated the server’s rules and guidelines, and I sincerely apologize for any disruption I may have caused. I would like to request a second chance to be a part of the Unturned community on Discord.

My ban reason was: telling someone to kill themself

I would like to provide some context for my actions:

I was being harassed and bullied by multiple people and it was a reaction to somebody else doing that in a far worse way - pic attached.

I understand that my actions were inappropriate and do not reflect the standards of conduct expected on the Unturned Official Discord server. I genuinely value this community and the opportunity to engage with other players and fans of Unturned.

In light of this, I am committed to adhering to the server’s rules and guidelines in the future and ensuring that my behavior is respectful and in line with the community’s expectations. I understand that my behavior should contribute positively to the Unturned Discord server and not detract from it.

If my ban is lifted, I will do my best to learn from my past mistakes and ensure that I am a productive and respectful member of this community.

I kindly request the moderation team to reconsider my ban and give me a chance to demonstrate my commitment to the Unturned Official Discord server’s rules and guidelines.

My discord id: 401499652534566912

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Appeal has been forwarded to staff team. Removed recent replies since the ban appeal went way off-topic.

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It’s been a few days, I assume the appeal was rejected?

Your ban appeal ended up being rejected. If you’d like to appeal again, please consider doing so after more time has passed.

Ban appeal rejected at this time; can still appeal again once more time has passed.