Discord ban appeal

I discovered this morning that the Unturned server discord is gone. Trying to log back in I get an error that appears when you banned “oops…” etc. However, I have not received a message from Carl Bot as to why I was banned. Can I be unbanned or at least find out the reason for my ban?
Discord account - LisX (.lisx)
685116024374427648 - ID Discord

It looks like the ban reason was: “Scamming another user by taking a commission, getting paid, and not finishing it. Appealable on the forums.”

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal to the staff team.

I had to leave town for a family reason. I passed the order on to my partner so that the customer wouldn’t waste time. We had already settled the matter with the customer

Yea its all good i think

Ban was cleared up & appeal was accepted. User unbanned.

Ban appeal accepted.