Discord ban Appeal

I am looking to receive an Unban from the Unturned Official Discord server. I don’t have a date on when I was banned. But I believe I was banned for saying a racial slur. Although I never said a racial slur in the official Unturned Discord server. But this was about 6 Months ago, So I would like to get some clarification on when/where did I say a racial slur, because no one has yet to proven to me that I said a racial slur.

[ Information ]
Discord: Arkhope

Please include your User ID if you’d like to appeal a Discord server ban. Thanks!

Enable this in your advanced settings and post your ID

This is useless

I hope this helps!

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal to staff internally.

How long do you believe it’ll take?

Depending on the ban appeal, it can sometimes take a few days (this is mostly true for bans by former staff members).

Hi, after a careful review of your ban and consideration of past actions, your appeal has been accepted. Please note that I advise against the usage of alt accounts on the official Discord server, as there was one alt account that was banned following your ban.

You can rejoin the Discord using https://discord.gg/Unturned.

Ban appeal accepted at this time.