Discord ban appeal

Good evening,

I have been banned in official unturned discord for the inappropriate advertisement(CS2 stickers giveaway - potential scam). Moderator: moltonmontro (id: 192338846971723776).

I agree that it looked very suspicious, but I am an experienced trader with decent number of reviews. I sincerely regret my action and admit that not knowing the rules does not exempt me from responsibility, but I would be pleased if I were unblocked. I will try in the future to be more attentive to the messages I send.

My userID: 750319245677690970

Kind regards,

Sorry for the confusion. It looks like you were initially only kicked from the server, but after further review your account was then banned from the server.

It appears that your posts in the server broke multiple rules. Specifically, these were the issues:

  • Advertising real-money trades, third-party services (e.g. automation tools), and CS:GO skin gambling/roulette.
  • Advertising a giveaway that required people to follow links in your profile (that advertised these things).
  • Asking to buy “Steam Accounts with VAC Ban + Inventory”.

Since you weren’t in the server when the account was banned, the bot was unable to notify you that your account was banned from the server. Understand that in addition to breaking the server’s rules, some of these actions (e.g., buying/selling Steam accounts) would also violate the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

Unfortunately, your appeal has been declined at this time.

Appeal denied at this time.