Discord Ban Appeal


I was banned from the discord server in 2022. I believed I was banned because I was doing a lot of misbehaving and breaking some rules. I would like to apologize and say that I’ve learned my lesson and much more mature now as years has passed.

Please consider this, and my discord ID is 594781709749452823

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal internally.

Hi, do you happen to have the Discord ID of the original account that was banned?

I lost my old account due to not having the f2a code.

I have the discord but not the ID, the discord username was Ahmed Qureshi#7195

I looked through the moderation logs, and was unable to find any accounts with that same username and 7195 discriminator. Maybe you changed your discriminator after leaving the server?

There were multiple banned accounts with the username “Ahmed Qureshi”. Do you recall what your specific ban reason was? Did you have more than just two accounts banned (or maybe you asked Discord to delete your older account(s)?)

I told discord to do something about my account after I lost it, so I did probably lost the ID of the account, because even when I try to add it, it gives a error. They probably deleted it from being used.

Ahmed Qureshi#4293 752716303847915570 - main
Ahmed Qureshi#6247 1044351888931422298 - alt1
Ahmed Qureshi ahmed.qureshi 594781709749452823 - current

Thank you zoli

#4293 was the old main one, I lost it due to losing the f2a key.
#6247 is the one I made after losing 4293, and I lost it as well after a few months
ahmed.qureshi is the new main one

Hey @Ahmed_Qureshi,

Sorry – your ban appeal has not been accepted at this time. If you choose to appeal again in the future, please remember to post all of the Discord IDs again as well, or any other information that may be pertinent.

Ban appeal denied.