Discord ban appeal

Today i was banned in the unturned discord server for posting a video of a kid on a bike, However due to me having terrible eyesight i did not notice the nazi swastika on the bike, I was only informed of this when i was told by a friend and the Carl-bot dm. This is completely accidental and i will be sure to thoroughly watch a video before sending a video in future.

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal to the staff team / staff member who banned you.

ok thank you

I find it incredibly hard to believe that you simply posted the video because it was cool or relevant to the topic. You joined the Discord quite recently and brought up religious subjects within #other-media. When talking about these subjects, you disrespected other members. I received multiple complaints about this. Alongside that, you were seemingly just copy-catting others in #unturned-general for no apparent reason.

Considering that little to no time has passed since the ban occurred, your appeal has been denied at this time. You may create another appeal after a reasonable amount of time has passed.

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i understand, However i dont see how the copy catting is bad

Appeal denied at this time.