Discord Ban Appeal

I was banned from the Unturned Official Discord server instantly for simply suggesting that pride month was not a good idea, since a significant amount of Unturned’s playerbase is under the LGBT umbrella, and another significant portion are very edgy and prone to be offensive towards LGBT individuals. Whether or not this is fact doesn’t matter, it is simply my opinion from what I’ve observed in the community as well as ingame.
Unfortunately due to unturned celebrating this pride month, a huge number of overly sensitive people and overly radicalized edgy people began debating and blowing up the chat.
I was banned for saying something along the lines of “of course this was going to happen” as well as suggesting my opinion that we should have a pride day instead of a pride month.
My ban reason was quote, “Bigotry”.
I have no intolerance towards members of the LGBT community, and I never said anything hateful. This was a complete mistake from whomever banned me, so therefore I am apologizing for any confusion I may have caused and or hurting anyone’s feelings, and I am requesting I be unbanned.

My Discord ID is 698724881398890527

or username destinim.

display name is Destinim

seems that alot of people got banned today

Right, I was contacted by another person who was banned for a similar reason. You cant just ban people who you don’t like, especially for something as small as this.

Hey @Destinim,

I’ve taken a look at your recently-deleted messages. It looks like you made some provocative comments and may have been trying to instigate a flame-war.

You’re welcome to appeal in the future, but your ban appeal is denied at this time.

Ban appeal denied at this time.