Discord ban appeal

Hello, I recently got banned for the reason “nazi pfp” on discord right after putting a skull emoji in a post as a joke. The reason nazi pfp I think is absurd and this leading to a ban instantly without any offenses beforehand is abysmal. I have been in this discord for multiple years, have traded with people and been fair. If you look at my pfp you will realize quickly that this picture is a joke that mocks nazis (if you know any basic history which the guy that issued the ban clearly doesn’t). This just seems as fishing for a reason to justify my ban just because someone got offended by a joke. An instant ban for posting one normal emoji is crazy. I urge you to reconsider, rethink and unban me :slight_smile:

Hey @jayquan,

I’ve checked your PFP, and it appears to contain an inappropriate symbol that isn’t allowed in our server and goes against Discord’s community guidelines. I’m denying your appeal at this time as the ban appears to have been correctly distributed, and the ban reason is accurate.

Your ban appeal has been denied at this time.