Discord ban for leaked content

BLUF: Used AI to remove watermarks from a leaker’s pictures. I was mistaken as one of the leakers.

Relevant Points of contact: MoltonMontro - Delivered the ban, aware of some finer points not presented here. You can contact them for the full chatlogs. Chatlogs contain spoilers and external links.

User Banned: Acarii (UID: 113883827499171846)

Believe this was a mistake. User by the name of Smileey joined the Unturned-General chat and posted an image he claimed to be the new Bauk Map. Contained a full colour, presumably GPS image with his name as a watermark in two places. I decided to clear out the watermarks using AI. I had believed the user was some sort of troll at worst, or best a beta tester finally allowed to generate hype. Either way, I removed the watermark. At some point, I decided it’d be funny to instead repost it with my own watermark as a replacement and ended up dropping both the changed watermark and the cleaned image in chat to see how he’d react.

Smileey seemed impressed by my work removing the watermark and posted a new image, presumably of a chart style image of the map with watermarks and asked me to do it again. I obliged him, and he said something about my amazing photoshop skills.

While I was debating if I tell him I used AI or not, a moderator or helper muted me, which swiftly turned into a ban by MoltonMontro. I contacted him directly shortly after and attempted to clarify.

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Ban appeal accepted in an assumption of good faith. The reason provided is reasonable, and no prior issues in the server.


Ban appeal accepted.