Discord Ban

Hello I’m Kloayk, A couple months ago my account was targeted for hackers to send Phishing links and IP grabbers which i have gained 100% control over my account now and 2FA enabled.

discord: Kloayk#6621

Chances are you just got phished, not “targeted by hackers”. Regardless, if you really are sure your account is secured again good on you. That is not what you got banned for tho.
You got banned for spamming your commission ad in multiple channels, after already having being kicked before.

that kick (and subsequent rejoin) were caused by your account being compromised, the ban was not.

Oh I was told by another staff member it was due to the phishing links

Thats unlikely, since all of them can check the mod log. Substantiate your claims.

That’s what they told me, Is there any second chances or something since i just need to be in the discord for unturned support

Again, who told you. I doubt anyone did. Yes, everybody has a chance to appeal, its what you are currently doing. I have yet to see any attempt on your part to explain what you did.

Yes, I did advertise but I was banned during the time my account was hacked.

I’m not going to try make some bs excuse to why i advertised, I advertised so i could get more members which didn’t work.

No, you were not. I told you as much here.

You got banned for spamming your commission advert in multiple channels, and thats after being kicked for DM advertising.

You advertised your commissions, how would that help you get members?

Do you mean Ekstacy Development? I forgot about that, There was a discord and people dmed me when they needed development and id send the invite to them

I do not. I mean you spamming your commission ad.

Because of course you did

Good on you, don’t see how that ties into this conversation.

Again, I’ll ask you why you saw fit to spam your commission ad in mutliple channels.

May i ask what commission?
Can you post it here

Sure, pretty odd that you just forget spamming this in 10 channels tho

Yea that was ekstacy development.

Okay, and that helps your explain the spam how?
And how does that address the fact that you were appealing a ban that was issued for a completely different reason from what you said? Assuming a staff member really did tell you all you would have to do is tell me who and I could ask them if/why.

Bro they told me ages ago back when i was first banned, They never send me a link to this forum nothing

Bro I still don’t believe you

Well it’s the truth so yk

Okay so we are done here. Thanks for keeping it civil.

Appeal was rejected.