Discord false ban, personal bias and homophobia

i was falsely banned by jdance, i have not broken any rules at all, only mentioned that saying " The Liberator (canonically!) supports LGBT rights :)" is bound to cause drama, which is factual considering what happened when (they) mentioned it last year, i do not think drama belongs in a unturned discord server. i also want to clarify that this is not a ban appeal as my ban is on completely false reasoning,
i request to have my topic reviewed by anyone other than jdance as he clearly has personal bias against me and gay people, he banned me for my lgbtq artwork to be automatically deleted.

Hey @Gukk_lol,

You were permanently banned due to a repeat issue with homophobia and intentionally flame-warring with other users. You were moderated last year for similar issues (which had resulted in a ban at the time, and was appealed not too long ago).

Your appeal is rejected.

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Permanent ban – repeat issue.