Discord Rich Presence for 4.x?

Are we to expect Discord Rich Presence for 4.x? And if so will it have more implementation than just the map and playercount of the server?

Some Ideas for it’s implementation (aside from the two already implemented) I had were

  • The mode (arena, survival, horde, etc)
  • If on horde mode it could display the wave the player is on and possibly their score
  • If on arena, it would say if they are still alive in the arena, or if they had just won, or if they were waiting in the lobby

Yes, but possibly not during the first beta (although this can change).


completely forgot about the github. my bad.

I’d really enjoy if 4.0 had a greater Discord presence in the ways that other games have. I don’t know many specific examples but a few MMOs are really good examples to look to for concepts.

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maybe even a server name! wow!!!

Personally, I would like more discord involvement, besides just sending glorified invites and being able to spy on players. IP’s and such would be nice, so you can stock your Senpai in question in-game.

Not creepy whatsoever

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Do you have a favorite game to check out that uses rich presence really well? Personally I’ve been using Discord exclusively so I’m down to support it as best as possible.


Osu! does a pretty good job. It allows you to spectate someone’s game from the menu.
SCP: Secret Laboratory, you can use the menu to “Ask to join”
PAYDAY 2, shows difficulty, time, character player is playing as (sometimes) and tells you the map.
Fortnite, shows amount of players in squad.


Garrys mod has a pretty discord rich presence. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I know each persons discord profile pic in your chat room shows up on the top left of the screen. Its pretty handy if all your friends are going through puberty and sound the same.

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