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Good morning/ afternoon, i have just recently figured out about this forum website. I received a ban from the unturned official discord i think 1-3 years ago. I cannot remember why i was banned. I am 19 now and i have matured drastically, I would like to appeal my ban on the discord as I have been wondering where a few friends of mine have gone since i was a young boy. It would be really great to be able to contact them etc. Please update me and may you also let me know about why i was banned as it was so long ago

Discord name : Xander_8572

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Further more i do apologise for trying to use an alt to get back into the discord, i saw i was still banned yesterday and its been years so was going to use a secondary discord to ask how to get my main unbanned, My sincere apologies

  • rep I’ve known Xander for a little bit now I don’t know what he did but I do know that he has changed

I can forward your appeal to the Discord staff team internally. However, I need you to include your User ID in your appeal. This is a multi-digit ID unique to your account.

If you don’t know how to find your User ID, Discord has a support article that I’ve linked below: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/206346498-Where-can-I-find-my-User-Server-Message-ID

here is my discord ID

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Thank you for providing your User ID. I’ve forwarded your ban appeal internally, for staff to review and consider. To clarify since you asked, according to the logs you were banned ~1 year ago for scamming.

If you had DMs enabled at the time, you likely received similar information from the server’s moderation bot when you were banned. (This message was likely sent from Carl-bot#1536.)

Ah damn thank you so much for replying quickly, I have completely changed and mutured so hopefully my unban appeal is accepted and i can continue having chats with long last friends and finding teammates :smiley: . have a great day further

Howzit, sorry to bother. Is there any update regarding my unban appeal?

Following up on this:

Upon further review of your accounts’ bans (your main account, and the alt account mentioned in your appeal), your ban appeal has been denied at this time.

Ban appeal has been denied at this time.