Discord verification glitch?


I have my Steam account linked into my discord, and therefor my version of Unturned, the Gold DLC, and early access, but I’m getting these icons for some reason. It’s been loading on the ban status for at least more than 10 minutes. I’ve tried restarting the thing, but it won’t work


so 1. are you sure your profile is linked to your discord
2. are your games public?
3. have you tried restarting the process?
if you have further questions feel free to dm me on discord, as this really doesn’t belong on the forums


Keep in mind that this isn’t the Forums for the discord server, the discord server has no Forums. For some reason they just linked the SDG forums witch belongs to Nelson, not the Discord server.

Forgot to mention, but @Paladin is a moderator on the Discord server.


What is your discord?




If you have any ban in any game it will show the vanned status.