Discussion on balancing all weapons in the game, changes in the PVP system, changes in weapon mechanics, considerable reduction in bullet drop

Hey guys, I’m an unturned player for a long time, and I’m very uncomfortable with some things in the unturned, and I took the liberty of sending an email to Nelson, saying several “defects” and unbalances in the game, and to my surprise he replied, and asked to discuss it on the forum, and depending on our decision, you can see very good changes in the game, improving many aspects of it, I will leave a printout of his response, and my email to him, suggesting the changes.

Please guys, the unturned needs these changes to be a lot more fun to play.

My email to him:

I’m Brazilian, and I don’t speak English, this text will be translated on google translator.
Hello Nelson and Unturned developers, my name is Darlan Razyan, nickname on Steam: Profenix1234. I have been a player for a long time and I like it very much. I play it since shortly after its release, years ago, I have 377 hours of gameplay, very little for what I actually played, because I spent many years playing offline, because I was without internet for a good period of time, and the hours they didn’t count, but I know their game very well.
I came here as a player because the unturned is very unbalanced, the PVP system, of shots and bullets and balance of weapons is very bad, thus bringing disgust to many players when playing the game, I came here with the best intentions to request an update correcting the countless “mistakes” that I’m going to talk about.
First of all I would like to talk about the imbalance of assault rifles and Snipers rifles and their bullets. The rifles are very unbalanced and unreal, because the shots follow very linear, perfectly straight, being more effective and stronger even than the Snipers, because the rifle shots, especially with the modifications like barrels and grips, come out very straight, without bullet drop, or separating the bullets horizontally. When I’m playing, and I want to shoot snipers, medium and even long distance, my enemies with rifles are being more accurate and effective q my sniper, because the bullets of the rifles do not dissipate and are more accurate than the sniper q has a big bullet drop and little cadence and damage. I will compare the unturned and ask you developers to be inspired by the system of shots, bullets of the Battlefield 3 and 4 game, where the weapons have their effective distance, for example, a rifle firing in automatic mode, has precision, short and medium distance, as the bullets dissipate and separate horizontally too, bringing more realism, and in doing so, the player uses the weapon’s sigle mode, to be able to hit shots from a greater distance, being much more balanced and realistic for a rifle .
I would also like to ask for a better trigger response, where you click on the mouse and the weapon responds instantly, as the PVP of the unturned and very fun and competitive among the players, and this immediate response from the weapon, would bring realism and greater fun for the game, because we are often in pvp, shooting, stopping, hiding, and in that shoot and stop, when we really need to shoot, this slowness of shooting gets in the way and takes away the fun of the game, forcing us many times to keep shooting the direct weapon without stopping, because if we stop it will take time to fire again, so I would like this mechanic to be removed and the shots to come out immediately after the click, on all weapons.
Talking also about weapon systems, I would like to ask for a change in snipers with bolt action like timberwolf and ecko, as they are very slow and inferior, a solution would be an accessory to put on them, to be able to do the bolt action still aiming, as in the Battlefield game, to bring a greater balance, snipers with bolt action should have a slightly greater damage compared to the others, in order to balance them. Because in the game, these weapons are not so good for pvp and are only used for Raid, because they are so unbalanced causing inferiority in them.
Still talking about sniper and bullets, something very important has to be updated, the snipers bullet drop system. This system is very bad and flawed, because the bullet drop is very exaggerated, thus bringing more imbalance to the snipers, this bullet drop has to be reduced by 50% to 60% because it is very exaggerated, the bullets fall a lot, leaving a lot bad to play sniper, the grizzly for example, for being semi automatic, must have a bulle drop larger than the others, to balance, bolt action weapons like the timberwolf and the others, because they are already slower by the action of bolt, their bullet drop should be much smaller than that of grizzly, to balance it too, other weapons that should be improved are DMR weapons, such as Sabertooth, Snayperskya, because they are weapons focused on medium distance and very little on long distance, they must be balanced as well, increasing their damage, the speed of the projectiles, and the speed of fire per minute, as these weapons are never used. And balancing the weapons in the game, many, many weapons that are not targeted and used would return to being. (PS: all these weapons have to have a reduced bullet drop, because Unturned’s bullet drop is really exaggerated)
Unturned has this problem, all weapons are unbalanced, and others more than normal, making the vast majority not to be used, for example the timberwolf, an iconic weapon of the unturned, has never been used since it is very unbalanced and inferior.
I would also like an increase in the character’s breath time while stabilizing the sight, this breath is very little, there should be at least another 1 second increase for give an improvement.
I will also talk about the smg recoil and secondary weapons, these weapons should have much less recoil because they are of a smaller caliber, and more dispersion of the bullets, because they have smaller tubes, making them short and medium distance weapons, more realistic.
They would like to ask for a longer delay in the action of lying down of the character, because the character lies down too fast, facilitating the drop shot, there should be an increase of time in the animation of lying down.
I would like to quote an update on the Washington map, increasing the Seattle and Olympia region.
I would like a change in the flash of the bullet, because only a white flash representing the shot is kind of bad, it would be cooler and more beautiful something more incandescent, like the real shots.
End here
Unturned is a very good game, very good indeed, but due to these imbalances many players are stopping playing, I would love for you developers to listen to me and consider these tips that I gave, as it would give a good lift in the game, as these are things that really need.
With affection from a fan and unturned player.


gotta agree here. being lasered with 100 bullets from a recoilless maplestrike that has 333 DPS and cheap AF ammo from the top of a tall ass building in seattle is not fun. These ARs completely overshadow all weapons at all ranges ; snipers at long range, DMRs at mid range and SMGs at short range (except the honeybadger which is just a maplestrike with 70 more DPS).


Yup totally agree the ARs, need more recoil when in full auto and the Sniper guns are basically trashy, The main defect is having to scope out each time, so it makes semi auto guns more viable. Im sure many would use snipers more often if it didnt scope out.

I guess this part is about the ‘semi limiter’ which frankly I don’t know why exists in this game and I think it would have been adjusted if it was possible to fix easily.

I agree with this, bolt action snipers do not see any use in end game pvp scenarios in which you can just use Grizzly. Slightly upping their damage and decreasing the bullet drop drastically could help them become at least a bit more relevant.

I think this could work better if it was a multiplier of the breath holding time for each gun (so for example bolt-action snipers could get a decent buff in that regard).

Technically assault rifles have some spread but frankly I never felt it, especially with the skills and attachments providing so much bonuses. They could probably use more spread to slightly tone down that long range playstyle they easily allow and take away from rifles actually made for it.

I guess this is a really good thread for me to chime in my own opinions on 3.0 weapon balancing. Lots of weapons have too little recoil for how good they are and it seems like balance of the game has not really been adjusted over time properly (one example being the fact that there’s still scope recoil reduction on multiple rifles).

Assault rifles
Assault rifles are just too versatile (and while I guess it’s sorta realistic), like mentioned in the post they can do everything, from CQB to long range. One area all of them could get nerfed in is obviously recoil, but the problem is not only tied to them, attachments are also to blame, vertical grip for example provides whooping reduction of 60% vertical recoil (and many other stats to lower degree). That’s a lot considering you can also get muzzle to reduce the recoil, and you also have a skill for reducing recoil.
I really wish everything I mentioned here (assault rifles, grips and sharpshooter skill) could get a massive nerf across the board (more recoil on the guns, and less reduction on skill and grips). While it might seem like a radical change it seems like a better option than leaving them in a state where they are utterly broken. It would certainly be healthy for the game to flip some stuff if it meant better survival gameplay (even if it does piss off sandbox Maplestrike players who will adapt to new recoil after a week anyway).

Scope recoil reduction
Feature originally added along with the bullet drop, drastically reduce the recoil on long range rifles if you have a scope on them, allowing you to watch bullet trajectory easily. At the time of this addition it seemed like a great idea to get people familiar with new ballistics system but it has become yet another way to reduce recoil on guns which clearly do not need it or are balanced by having massive recoil. Grizzly STILL has 75% recoil reduction with the moment you slap a scope on it, it’s mind boggling to me that semi-auto sniper balanced by having massive recoil basically has most of it gone the moment you put must-have sniper rifle attachment on it.
This feature should really be thrown out entirely on everything that’s not a bolt action rifle (Snayperskya, Sabertooth, Matamorez, Grizzly).

Questionable Choices
There’s stat decisions in right about every gun that seem to be a bit peculiar. Just to bring up a couple:

Colt and Kryzkarek could be considered to be on same tier of weapons, they have same damage (24) but one has nearly 3x the recoil and 5 less bullets in the magazine, which is very noticable, Colt is incredibly hard to kill someone with if you have just one mag, it has no redeeming features.

Nykorev has noticably less DPS than Maplestrike, more recoil and basically only thing it gets in return is overwhelmingly big mag, which frankly does it no good, you can have half the bullets in AR and have wildly better performance, why bother with a 200 round smg on a primary slot?

PDW is just a maplestrike with more firerate, why? Just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s balanced, only ‘nerf’ I can recall to that gun was more drop and I guess without nerfing every AR it’d be unfair to nerf just this gun.

Durability on right about every gun seems weird, it’s not particularly well executed mechanic to begin with and it mostly just hurts low tier weapons which are not as effective as high tier (one great way to aid that is allowing lower tier stuff spawn in durabilities above 50% so you never feel like you are losing out (it’s also a thing that elver does and it works really nice)) couple things that come to my mind as being the worst offenders are crossbow/bow, viper, yuri and I’m sure there’s many more which have undeservingly bad durability stats.

Already mentioned briefly but attachments provide too massive of buffs. There’s nothing else to add here really, especially the recoil reducing ones. On the contrary the suppressor feels severely underpowered because it just changes your firing sound without noticably decreasing the range from which the gun can be heard. Not to mention it’s the only barrel which loses its function completely after the ridiculously short durability makes it break.

Adaptive chambering is clear meta choice on tactical slot by straight up increasing firerate on every gun with no trade off, one thing that comes to my mind could be making it give a debuff in accuracy and recoil, making it at the very least a tradeoff for a clear buff.

Frankly I don’t know what was the philosophy behind lot of 3.0 balancing but it sadly feels to me like there’s disconnect between Nelson and how stuff actually plays out. Every player got time to play with everything and balance is not moving anywhere, I understand it’s hard for one man to play and develop such a big game at the same time but the balance should, in my view, shift a bit, so more weapons become viable and pvp gameplay doesn’t always boil down to getting melted by AR in 0.24 seconds (actual minimal time to kill with Maplestrike, not including adaptive chambering).


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