Disgracing my motherland

I wrote it up, thought on it, and 10 seconds later I realized how accurately I’ve meme’d my born country, and it was :b: P I C.

How would you guys roast on your own homelands?


Portugal more like Europe’s wide open anus

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Pluto more like not a planet :joy:

New jersey more like traffic

Shutting down the government for a day because nobody wants to build a wall.

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Brasil more like

ooga booga vai Corinthians [pulls out AK-47 and starts shooting everyone on the slum]

1 hour later

now that’s what I call a victory royale :sunglasses:

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canada more like terrorist safehouse

not country, but hometown


Australia, more like death form everywhere.

Isn’t Venezuela that country where farming items in Runescape is legitimate work?


Philippines, more like PVP server

nah that’s the uk

nah the uk is middle east 2.0

That image is like two fucking pixels


Not legitimate at all, but pretty profitable in fact, even more than regular jobs in there.

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