Dismember ragdoll

The idea is you can (if the dismemberment option is added) you can destroy or dismembert different parts of the ragdoll, like you can cut a head and put it in a stick or you can destroy a head with a bat or a heavy melee weapon, that!s the idea



Ah yes, it’s all coming together


Neat idea tho, if the loot will be kept in sorta containers, as it is now

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Pretty sure it has been confirmed. If not, it’s already been suggested a few times.

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I am a little in doubt as to whether the breakups should be in the game or not.

Firstly, it can get a little GORE, which I personally wonder if it really is a good choice. Maybe if there was a way to turn it off?

Secondly, friend …

You are playing The Forest a lot.

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bone buildables and flesh clothing.

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Ed Gein approves

who doesn’t

But yeah, that sounds like a decent addition, if coupled with proper limb based damage

DeusExMachina what about bone buildables though?

That is one wierd way to reply, but okay.
Eh, yes and no.

I’m a fan of this, This is an example of a unique feature that personally I haven’t seen in survival games, by taking features from games like MaD2, it could be a setting because it’s very gorey but it would be fun, scary, and let us be creative. Maybe even scare base raiders.

That is if this feature includes a way to deactivate ragdoll spawnning, and allowing you to move them around and place them/rotate them.

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