Dismember ragdoll

The idea is you can (if the dismemberment option is added) you can destroy or dismembert different parts of the ragdoll, like you can cut a head and put it in a stick or you can destroy a head with a bat or a heavy melee weapon, that!s the idea



Ah yes, it’s all coming together


Neat idea tho, if the loot will be kept in sorta containers, as it is now

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Pretty sure it has been confirmed. If not, it’s already been suggested a few times.

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I am a little in doubt as to whether the breakups should be in the game or not.

Firstly, it can get a little GORE, which I personally wonder if it really is a good choice. Maybe if there was a way to turn it off?

Secondly, friend …

You are playing The Forest a lot.


bone buildables and flesh clothing.


Ed Gein approves

who doesn’t

But yeah, that sounds like a decent addition, if coupled with proper limb based damage

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DeusExMachina what about bone buildables though?

That is one wierd way to reply, but okay.
Eh, yes and no.

I’m a fan of this, This is an example of a unique feature that personally I haven’t seen in survival games, by taking features from games like MaD2, it could be a setting because it’s very gorey but it would be fun, scary, and let us be creative. Maybe even scare base raiders.

That is if this feature includes a way to deactivate ragdoll spawnning, and allowing you to move them around and place them/rotate them.

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Now this is a good idea, like theres was a video on Unturned community hub of dismemberment with just pictures. But not too gory though dismemberment it should be just the same type of blood red from Nelson’s gore post, and some White in the middle. As for putting heads on sticks thats good. Here we have the head of our prisoner Players in seattle start chanting a guy plays some song on his mic Yeah good idea man.

Totally agree, I’d love to move ragdolls like in gmod they have a mod for that, and disable ragdolls despawn.

Can you put them on mannequins? Because I want to get a bunch of stuffed mega zombies and place them randomly to scare the shit out of people.


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