Do Anchovies Belong on Pizza?

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Anchovies belong in the water.



Whoa, is that the upcoming Italian naval forces for War Thunder?


Fish pizza is always good.

clears throat
Although I myself am not a fan of anchovies on pizza, I have no complaint with those who are. The reason pizza is so popular is because you can put virtually anything on them, making them a universal way to use leftover food or to make new fancy dishes. This means that no-one should be judged for what they put on their pizza, nor the ingredient itself. Pineapple, on the other hand…

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imagine being so desperate for regular you post things this ABSOLUTELY braindead on the forums

there is no comedic value, no discussional spark in this; it is purely just an inane question: do anchovies belong on pizza? it’s a pizza topping, do people not deserve their freedom in their food when it is so restricted elsewhere? it is degrading to the very nature of a person to deride their freedom like this: they do not even have the freedom to choose their pizza topping without being judged, without being evaluated by social norms; does anyone have any choice anymore?

you are part of the problem


That’s a fallacy. The individual in question has in fact been a Regular and already has the demo, so there is no real reason why he would do such a thing. As he has not been active on the forums of late, this could simply be a harmless attempt at reintegration, not to mention the fact that half of the posts he has made revolve around pizza toppings, so this is just continuing a trend.

As for the usefulness of this post, it could be argued that this can still be held in higher regard than a certain post I spawned after a certain topic on Orange Vanilla Coke Zero, as it asks a legitimate question rather than something that’s just an expression of opinion about a specific beverage (yes, I am typing this at the expense of myself).

Henceforth, I believe that this is simply an innocent inquiry on the community’s opinion on a certain pizza topping, and that you have simply misunderstood the original poster’s intent.


imagine unironically typing a three-paragraph response to someone getting angry over pizza toppings


I’m working on my argument structure. I’ve got AP Gov next year, and from what I’ve heard there’s a ton of debates in that class.


i beg to differ

As a Libertarian say let him put whatever he wants on that damm pizza


As a librarian I say spell libertarian correctly.


Shhh, this is library

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