Do you guys play fortnite

nnnnneeeeeccccrrooooo post.


your nineteen days late. If you want tru Revival, Please Check out - “Are you guys ready”. which is dated 6 months ago, and is ready to be revived.

i play with my friends but i think is cancer, so idk what to do



Fortnite can be fun, just play solo:

  • No annoying squeakers talking to you

  • Hardcore mode

  • You are less likely to win

I mean wow forntin gay haha

I don’t understand the fortnite hate, the game itself is actually very good.

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It would be fun…
If they fixed every thing wrong with the games mechanics…
and brought back Dusty Depot

Honestly shut up about dusty depot

It’s gone, stop crying and accept it’s a fucking diner now
Not like it had that good loot either apparently (I began playing at season 4 shut up)

I played back then, It was literally the worst spot to drop in the entire map besides a random house in a field. No clue why people miss it tbh, you’d get like 2 guns if you were lucky.

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grey burst and grenades lol

Burst assault rifles are almost the same as normal assault rifles, 1. They are slightly less accurate (bad) 2. They shoot 3 bullets (good) 3. Because of slightly worse accuracy you have to be a little closer. (bad) 4. They are more common then normal assault rifles. (good) at least they are for ME.

Also… Has anyone else noticed that the first time you shoot a burst AR (for each one you find) that it only uses up 2 bullets?.. and might even only shoot 2 bullets but i don’t know.

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