Do you like pineapple pizza?

I am serious

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Pizza with barbeque sauce instead of red sauce and pineapples (rather thin and reasonable slices not giant chunks) is a good pizza.

Fight me

the real question is if the pineapple should be cooked too :thinking:

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Lightly grilled yea. Don’t want cold and raw pineapple when I take a bite out of a hot pizza.

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maybe all of the pizza should be raw :thinking::thinking::thinking:

or you can pre-cook everything (pineapple included) then chill it :wink:

YES I LUV HAWAIAN PIZZA. So don’t u dare talk crap bout it u hear!

I love barbeque pizza!

Well I can’t answer this because I’ve never tried it before and there’s no option for that. Oh well.

That’s why you try it right now!



THAT MONSTER! He shouldn’t be a chef!

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I think that statement makes him a chef. :slight_smile:


NOOOOOO why must you do this to the community ;-; I always see your posts but now it’s all different .-.

Great, you brought division to this community.

I hope your proud of what you did.

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That was the ultimate goal >:)

Wait… So your saying you actually liked my posts? Or what.

Cheese, pepperoni, pineapple and capsicum :heart_eyes:

WHY are you like this.


I love Pineapple Pizza because it gives it a tropical and sweet taste to a classic Italian Peasant’s lunch. Do you know that Pineapple/Hawaiian Pizza was invented by a greek-born Canadian named Sam Panopopoulos!

Me Likey some Pineappy!

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