Do you think Unturned 4.0 will be out soon?

NeLson has been working continuously for the past weeks, do you think he will be done with the game soon?
I think he is almost done and making a trailer for the game.

Dude… No.

For what we’ve seen in devlogs, there is still a lot to cover. The basic but necessary stuff is probably covered already, but there’s no doubt there may have a lot to polish.

So please be patient. I’m anxious about seeing the beta released too, but he said that we’re about 2 or 3 months far from that yet.

Be aware I share your concern :confused:


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If you want to see the progress on 4.0, check here

The only problem is that it was updated 2 months ago, so some things may be done already.

Though, if this game drops on the 1st of July it’ll be the best birthday present I’ve ever received.


As with so many of life’s questions, the answer is patient waiting. Occupy yourself with the important things in your life. Be at peace. Live well. Everythign else will come, or not, in its time.

The 4.0 release date is a pretty controversial topic, but predictions can be made. Personally, i think that a beta release will come out around early to mid June. In terms of official release, i predict something around Dec. 2018 to March 2019. Remember, these are just my predictions based on blog posts and past unturned events. If a trailer comes out any time soon, i think it’ll probably come out along with the beta release.

Meh, i’m just hoping that it’ll run decently and won’t be as big a wildcard as 3.0 was.

It is at least 2 to 3 months away

2 weeeks without a devlog. I think the Beta/Alpha is almost ready, the las thing we know of Unturned 4.X is that he was making a new shotgun UI.

I really don’t think so. If Nelson has been that long without updating with another devlog may be cause he’s working very hard to build or improve some gameplay aspect which is hard to sustain just by itself (like buildin the map).

How much time a developer passes without uploading the last news isn’t a direct sign of that the job being almost done, trust me.

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The game is nowhere near completion and will not be for many months. The first public release of the game, which will arrive sooner than “many months,” does not mark the game being complete. It’s just a beta release.


Does anyone atleast know if hes back from Calgary yet?

He’s been back.



Where is my devblog



(Wait, I’m not a bird?)

Where’s my devlog?


Where’s my devlog?


@dbking you know what i love?

When new users like you come along and think this post was made yesterday.

i’m on the verge of making a poll about locking topic from '17 and forward towards June

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Probably not but he said it should be out in early 2019 (I think). So be patient so he can really polish it up.

Middle 2019 as earliest.

And stop the necro. This whole week has been full of it.

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Would the beta be like operationmapleleaf esque or just given to a few people?

I was given a key for the vehicle test. Besides that, I have no clue on what would be the date for another stage of closed alpha/test version or an open beta.

The date I just gave is just an speculation, by seeing the progress done so far.

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