Does anybody remember or heard of CubeWorld?

I know that the word “CubeWorld” sounds like a Minecraft clone, but it looks and plays similar to an MMO rpg game but in single player. It is a voxel-based game with it’s own charm. It lets you choose the race and class of your cube-built character. I never got to play this game, I use to watch like gameplays of it from famous youtubers such as AtlanticCraft, Paulsoaresjr and many more back in 2014 or 15. The game is full of a variety of weapons, armor, enemies, biomes and dungeons!
Whatever happend to the game now?

It cant be downloadable anymore so I think that the Developer is very busy or moving on.

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the developer last posted a progress report in 2017 on his Twitter, which was when the game still assumed to be dead as that it’s latest update was back in 2013

I think the developer is just doing this as a hobby or just doesn’t have the time

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It won’t be officially downloadable again until the Wollay pushes out the third update, due to him receiving death threats.

But there has been no presence of wolly in 2018 :frowning:

wth. What is with people sending people death threats all the time… ffs, popular youtubers get them, game developers get them, heck even business owners get them. What is this, elementary school? (Dont ask why I say that… )

Mental stress ye’ know.

Getting death threats while developing a game still WIP for many years with lots of people waiting there to play it is like adding salt over your wounds

To the topic, all I can say is that it’s just vaporware like HL3. Eventually it will be revealed to be abandoned


Why would he get death threats? What did he do that caused these death threats?

revealed to be abandoned


I can see why lol, he just absolutely dipped with that game.

Usually it’s kids who are angry that the game isn’t being updated or if something they wanted isn t added. Youtubers get them from people who don’t like their content. It’s mostly idiots.

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