Does anyone have any good music I can use for a Trailer?

I am looking for music similar to the tunes in the Germany/Russia/Unturned trailer(s), I would like it to be copyright free because I can’t really pay for a license, if you have any suggestions, please let me know, I really need some help with this.

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I’ve seen this used by some people

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Eden makes some nice tracks

It’s a bit generic, and I’ve heard it multiple times before, but this is on the spectrum of what I want

Ah…So close I can feel it, any suggested tracks that would be easy to cut and put into said trailer?

Eden- Wake up
Eden- XO
Eden- Flume

Not sure if these would fit on the type of trailers you’re doing but all round, give it a shot. Hope I helped, thx

Something without lyrics would be nice, thanks for the suggestions though.

I mean you could try to find an instrumental version, or just edit the lyrics out

Smashmouth - Allstar may be a good choice for this style of map.

In all honestly you might want to look for an instrumental of a song you like, or depending on the length of the trailer you could have a song that has a decent part of it without lyrics and you could cut out the parts that do have lyrics, but that might not work if your trailer is over a minute or two