Does posting a comment always bump threads, even old dead ones?




Posting any comment on dead threads does equal a bump, but sometimes they can be good ones.

For instance this is a good BMP

In all seriousness, if the bump does actually restart the thread in a positive way, then all is good.

However, most bumps are just new users not realizing how old the thread is and reviving it for something asinine.


Well thanks for explaining. I bumped an old post of mine and absolutely nobody commented. So I guess nobody’s interested

I sorta assumed maybe it doens’t bump.


Necroposting is fine as long as it adds something to the conversation (in my opinion atleast)


Of course commenting on old posts bump it up
that’s the way of the forum

ah i forgot,
allow me to introduce myself,
Peskymoth - Necroposter Extraordinaire
for your necroposting needs
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