Dog design

Special thanks to @NarcolepticHound, art is yours and I will attach the original post below.

It is basically a suggestion if dogs / wolves are added in the distant future, I found the design very om so please @SDGNelson if you decide to add this in the future, take this design as a basic design for model 3D.

dog design


Is there anything new you thought of about the idea in the past few years? I’m too busy to go back and read those two posts at the moment. Maybe someone here could do a quick mock-up of some animals using what we know about the current UII character model, less drawing and more in-game footage appearance.


When u do a 3D model, it is useful to have a base.
That base would be a draw, where u can see what u are going to model.

So saying this, is kinda bad :confused:


wow this one was also very good, I couldn’t tell if it’s just a concept or a picture of a real dog.

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