Domesticated Animals/Animals

Write your thoughts on how domesticated animals will be used, caught and captured. What would you like to see them do? Also I’ve had this thought about how rare they would be and their frequency on small maps.
Try and keep it civil in the comments :smiley:

i think nelson chould make domestical animals like in ARK(having utilisties) wolf will defend you you will ride horses cows and donkeys will tract a wooden wagon where we will put some stuff or ride the wagon(with possibility to use guns and having a seconde seat)

I don’t really like the idea of domesticated animals

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There will probably be a server option to remove them

That’s not a good solution for the problem.

What would be the problem to you?

Letting features get disabled shouldn’t be a way to balance those features.

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I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re saying if you could please rephrase?

Disabling a major feature that other game mechanics and much content would revolve around does not fix the problem of him not liking the feature. That’s removing a large portion of the game, plus most servers tend to retain all the gameplay features.

A game shouldn’t need an option to disable major game mechanics. That just makes it feel like a bad mechanic that shouldn’t exist. If it’s added, then the game is meant to be played with it, and you miss out on the game otherwise.

@Captain.Stars is saying that he would rather not have it implemented at all, because adding an option to disable it doesn’t do anything besides make an excuse to split the community between “yes animal domestication” and “no animal domestication.” Fully commit to adding that feature, or don’t add it. Adding an option doesn’t fix problems, it’s a workaround.

I’m not too sure yet if I like the idea of animals that are sent out to kill stuff for you. Also, even though you personally don’t mention it, I think breeding is also a bit much (despite being a typical feature for many survival games with domestication).

I would prefer, if domestication is a thing, to probably keep it simpler than that. Not many people can just run up to bears and wolves and make them want to be the beta/omega of the pack, especially if food is scarce in an apocalypse.

The replies above aside, I’m pretty conflicted with my personal opinions.

Zooarchaeology divides domestication reasons into commensal purposes, prey animals for food, and targeted animals for draft and/or nonfood resources.

COMMENSALS are your pets, for the post part. Basically any scenario that involves commensalism. I kinda wouldn’t mind having pet fish, or pet cats/dogs, but they wouldn’t serve much in-game function beyond appealing to :heart: and to be murdered for food or out of spite by raiders.

I also have a problem with how you’d control their AI, and just would rather not deal with considering how it’d be made decent, and how I’d have to mess with them in-game to make them be decent. That being said, I really want fully implemented 3D fish entities.

PREY ANIMALS for food seems a bit meh. It’s basically taking the animal part of hunting and combining it with the waiting part of farming. Maybe if food/drink degrading is a thing, since it’d be more of a “fresh food source”-type of deal.

TARGETED ANIMALS for draft and/or nonfood resources wouldn’t be bad, probably. I see that as cows for a milk farm, or possibly sheep for “cloth.” Horses would be included here too, if mounts were a thing, but it’d be interesting to consider domesticated animals for agricultural purposes. Dunno.

I’m mostly just worried about wonky AI making it a nightmare to play with.

The part I didn’t understand is when he referred to it as “the problem”

I don’t think if it gets in-game it’ll be that big of a feature besides the farming aspect and what not. Just for it to be in game as a companion would be sweet enough for me. Perhaps you would get them by leading them into a trap or something to be tamed. Plus I think that Unturned needs some more PVE things to do.

Weird word choice. I should have said something else.

Me want to milk cows.

Understandable, hasn’t everyone thought that once in their life :slight_smile:

You’re thinking of it in the wrong way…

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