Dominating and looting houses

In unturned II the construction of the houses will be different from 3.0, no longer based on creating a wall and putting simplicity. That’s good, although it may take longer and consume a lot of resources, I wish we could master homes by restoring the electricity and heating system, making town houses viable enough to be a housing option, it has been confirmed that we can get water from house sink and that’s what inspired me to create this part of the topic,All appliances in the dominated and repaired house will work with stove, refrigerators and microwaves.

In unturned 3.0 to have stoves, refrigerators and microwaves it is necessary to do crafts that require skills and many materials I would be fine if this were also implemented in unturned II, but I think it would be a good idea to give these things by looting stores in cities, they could be brought in car truck attachments, etc.


Sounds good, we can actually restore houses and use them as bases.

I love dominating houses, in fact that’s why I became a dominatrix
If basing in houses is made more viable, then servers will probably need to be reset more often. (Assuming that these houses are where loot would usually have spawned.)

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I’d say it would depend on map sizes. Has anything about those been mentioned anywhere? I’m still assuming that we will be able to handle map sizes 4x larger than Large in 3.0. If maps are a little bit larger and have much denser cities then it should be possible without needing more frequent resets on servers.

Dead matter inspired.

Last I heard Nelson wants Unturned II to be able to support bigger maps, and its servers to support higher player counts, though I think it’s safe to assume that official maps and servers won’t necessarily be the maximum possible size in the game, so we still can’t know how many players per square kilometer there will be.

brb, off to dominate house-chan

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Maybe you could build in a house but if you want the electricity and all that you will need a fuse that would be quite rare , some houses could have the fusebox destroyed meaning you cant get electricity there unless you have a generator and that would be making noise so zombies would come and chew your face off

You don’t generate power from the fuse box…
It has the fuses, to regulate power.

I know but that was all i had at the moment : P
(And probably all i will ever have)

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