Ok what does it mean so in gta 5 they had bad sport meaning if you had destroy something personal they will not be able to “Not dress they own style”.I don’t know why it was a thing but it was a thing.So Downer mean that if you have done something in a server that include this mode/admin thing they will not have good luck or will not have a good reputation to the system of the server.And what will happen depend on the owner for example if i were to destroy my friend car i get downer it will have a time limit you can also have a downer vote meaning if you are a non staff member trying to make the server safe just get the person they will have a fair trail.(BTW depend on how you play on these server) and let the fellow client (jury) decides. If no one vote the system will see what he/she has done and do any vote if they voting go on than the person who getting voted downer will get a ban depend on what he has done or he/she just be in custody with the highers admin.
(BTW this is on for owner so it there choice of what they can do so this system with not always apply).
(And also BTW again the people who has destroy or did stuff bad won’t get downer automatically they have to destroy probably 10 or something car or other to get downer also if there are hacker some how in the game there will get effect they can not be a command to take down the downer effect probably because the admin might have friend so they can abuse the power for friend it can be crazy nowadays).
Am not sure if this is inspired other or nelson but please put your opinion in the comments below please and thanks.

So what youre saying is that if someone destroys something, there should be some sort of vote for bringing it back…? What?

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I can barely understand OP’s writing at this point, but basically a jury of players on the server will get a voteban if someone is being an asshat. That or… take away their cosmetics temporarily???


Basically nope from me. I can already feel the abuse of a voteban system for blowing up cars.

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I mean if the owner decide to do this because of what rule there break for example if you had a house and the rules say do not raid house or other type of structure that player build.And than i go raid it what happen is downer is my punishment for not following rules on the server.

And also forgot to mention you can’t have a jury without a judge so the judge can be a super admin the server manager or the co owner idk it depend on the original owners decision

Also btw we can have a punishment for the player he can be lock up in jail prison or whatever ok so that could be a punishment just saying.

It’s sound like a vote-to-ban/kick system, which is already in the game, but has a minus reputation tacked on top of whoever gets banned/kicked, too, and notifies online admins so they can handle the issue more in-depth.


Yes you understand what i mean.

I like how your topics always starts with “Ok” xd