Downloadable Content For Additional...well....Content

Idea in a quick rundown: The base game only has a limited amount of items, mechanics, maps, etc. DLCs would be free, and would add in other vanilla content that also fits into the base game, such as additional food and recipes, more animals, guns, maps, mechanic, etc.

Why not just have it in the base game? There is no point to a dlc, and it has been discussed multiple times before. Molton wouod probably do a better job at explaining this to you.


Well…because…computer storage and optimization, stuff like that.


Your logic is skewed.

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I see myself using this quote more and more these days.

Yes, I know it’s not paid, but the optimization is going to be much better in II, so we don’t have to worry about these things.


Nobody would play without the DLCs as all servers would use them and your auggestion makes it sound like they include crucial gameplay-impacting elements.

Besides, Unturned II is quality over quantity. You’re not going to see the same amount of guns as U3 for a long time, and stuff like clothing will easily be only at most an eighth of what we have in U3 for a long time due to textile variation.

The amount of content in U3 is a problem primarily because its all loaded at the start, and forever on. This is not the case for U4.

If people can’t fit an extra gig or 2 than they have bigger problems.


I could kind of get this, Unturned 1 felt bloated in some ways I.E. Some maps I never played but it would load the assets for them at the beginning which was annoying. I don’t think this is necessarily the best solution but I like the thought!

that quote of mine is going to be the one thing this community remembers me by because of you and i love it


I hope to see you on a Time magazine sometime soon.

Isn’t this basically the same as the “gameplay modules” or whatever it was Nelson has talked about, except you’re opted out of the by default?

I guessssss…?



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