What about Dlcs?

What about Dlcs?? (sorry my english is bad, i am from argentina)

-Dlc maps (1 dollar or free) like Canada, San francisco and more. with items like food, drinks and guns

-Dlc Expansion packs (5,3,1 dollars or free) with guns, items, clothes, skins, hair styles and beard styles, food, drinks, zombies,vehicles and things.

-Creators pack (or Editor pack, or Map Assents pack,etc) (free) with houses,decorations, buildings, and themed objects, like Human skeleton for haloween or chrismas tree.

-Complete packs (5 dollars) with a Dlc map, and Dlc expasion map and Creators pack (optional)

-RP Dlc (free) this will add RP things. seirously a lot of people plays in RP servers, so this will help a little bit.

i think this will help A LOOT for people with bad computers, so if u want Russia 2.0 (upgraded to work in 4.0) you just download it. it also helps with Hard drive space, and memory and others…

Its a good idea. but plz dont make 99999999 of 5 dollars dlc with the same things. that will DESTROY the game. goodbye :stuck_out_tongue:

shut up don’t make nelson into EA


thats why i say Free dlc, i dont want nelson in EA. All of the people in the world know that EA makes a lot of weird dlc. The sims 4 has more than 10 Dlc, battlefield too

Maybe all the dlc should be free, but nelson is THE ONLY ONE DEVELOPER of unturned (the people who made hawaii and helped in russia, they are not in the team, sadly…) and he need money. apart from the Gold upgrade

Another good idea is that if you buy gold you have all of these dlc free.

If its a free DLC why not just make it an update like GTA does? Everyone gets access to a free dlc that way.


because not all the people can run those thing.

just think about. a lot of people have bad computers, if they DONT want those thing or even cant use those thing, why to make it an update?

The issue is if two people are on a server, one who can run the dlc content and the other doesn’t have it installed, creates a lot of issues. Think of it like a Gmod server and the error signs and missing textures.


also the content just being there doesn’t cause performance issues unless it’s actually being loaded

and if it’s being loaded you NEED IT INSTALLED

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You know if you can’t run big games, you seriously need an upgrade to keep up with the evolving gaming industry. Or else you will be stuck with old or small games

Also as said above, the way you want to see doesn’t work like that. Also in terms of marketing you’re creating a bad image of the game. People will bring up points the same way they rant against games with DLCs containing content like that

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Map DLCs can be annoying when you want to play with your friends but not everyone has the same maps. One thing I might consider is a pass to grant access into official dedicated servers for a new map, and if you lobby up with your friends you can all get into the official server together. Thoughts?


I think that instead of using Passes, you could use the Gold DLC.

This will add to the benefits of the existing DLC, and keep the features of non-Gold and Gold players simple.
Rather than what Gold/Non-Gold, Pass/No-Pass, and in-betweens can do.


I like the Rainbow Six: Siege path you’re thinking of (or ar least what I assume you’re thinking) where Gold members get early access to new maps (and by proxy new vehicles, items, and other things) for a set duration of time and use that as a beta test period before the update goes live for all players.


Paid early map access sounds great, and I have to agree that gold could be used as a pass.

If not, good either way


Why do we need these to be DLC when Nelson has previously made these for free? I get that Nelson needs money, but adding things like this would just fragment the community. I don’t get why a consumer would suggest that Nelson adds anti-consumer things in his game. What would be the point of this other than Nelson making money? I think Nelson already makes enough money, I mean he went on vacation, bought a new apartment and is paying for College for his girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely deserves all the money he gets from the game, but what would be the point of adding these DLCs?


DLC is a dumb idea. Just put it in the game normally.


Just because a lot of the playerbase is young and has shit computers doesn’t mean Nelson should develop the game based on that. If you don’t want Nelson to add more maps because you can’t run the game, get a better computer and stop trying to argue that the game should revolve around those who can’t even run it properly.


Plus, it’s a free game, so it’s even more ungrateful to argue when you can do a lot more to get better performance than a dev ever will.

I don’t yell at Bohemia Interactive when I can’t hit 60 FPS while running one of the most hardware-intensive games ever made, do I?

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I have the epitome of a potato and I’ve played Unturned for 3-4 years at a mere 20 FPS average. You don’t see me complaining.

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This post is ONE reply away from devolving into a flamewar.

thats why you will need these dlc to run these servers. and thats why they will be free.