Tl;dr certain drinks will give you buffs and debuffs.

Alright let’s get started.

_Diet Cole or some other name (Diet Coke) and other similar sodas. _

  • these drinks will give you a slight buff to energy for a short while, not really impressive, but later after the buff is worn off, you have a slight debuff to Max stamina. For only soda stuff you will also lose water more quickly after a short while.

Energy drinks.

  • Basically the same but better buffs, and worse debuffs.

water, juice, and milk

  • nothing really.

Alcoholic drinks

  • add warmth to you for a while. If drink too much you will start getting a similar effect to berries.


  • basically have a 1 in 5 chance of killing you every time you drink it. It will start taking off your health when you get that 1-5th chance of dying, it will start taking health off say, 5 every second. So you basically have 20 seconds to find something to counteract it.

Ideas are gone folks.


another ‘i want to see something in 4.0 cause it would be cooollll!!!11’ thread

irl drinking booze while freezing would put you dead fast


How so. I’m bot one of those idiots who try to mention crap like that. Give me more reasons it shouldn’t be in-game or your comment will seem mostly like your not paying attention to the post.

It’s an idea from the game Minidayz. I took it from there. If you dislike it, take it up with them.

That’s just wrong though, there is a reason S&R dogs used to have liqour tied to their necks. Obviously if you get black out drunk you would die, but getting buzzed warms you up quite a bit, thats why when you are drunk your face flushes

Damn I stand corrected. It sure makes you feel warm though so I guess that could do something



I don’t Know why Chemicals are drinkable. I would think If there was intellgence, I would like If your character is stupid It will be drinkable.

Sure, chemical dulet might be nice, but it has no purposes in-game.

Perhaps it has a chance of really strong buffs? Maybe some physical skill gains?

Mhm, water? Slightest heat resistance/buff?

Juice? 1% immunity gain if fresh 100/high %? (Same for vegetables)?

Milk? Mhm, I’ll just leave it as a editable crafting ingredient.

Alcohol? Not a big fan of the heat thing

mainly it bothers me realisticly argument but it could reduce flinching and increase pain tolerance, as well provideing a hangover debuff?


I never said these were realistic BTW guys xd

I thought Hots sauce / Spicy Elixer could warm up the body instead? ( An Idea from Legend of Zelda BOTW)

That’s a bit too cheesy for in unturned

Russian roullet … right?

This relationship here should change a bit, as IRL diet colas doesn’t contain that much sugar. And for energy drinks, debuffs should only affect you if you don’t spend the stamina buffs accordingly, or if you drink too much.

Water should help with heat resistance; juices could do a slightly better effect(specially orange juice). If spicy edibles are introduced, milk can decrease or nulify their effects.

I agree with @RedCo at this point. However, different types of alcoholic drinks should have different side effects and different alcohol degrees, so ones get you drunk faster than others.

Having just 1 sort of “chemicals” is pretty absurd for me… Instead of a sole green bottle that works for crafting anything and insta-poison you, there should be a wider set of different chemicals with different effects upon consumption and having many different uses upon combining and processing, ranging from medicines to explosives (chemistry skill would be neato), as I’ve mentioned some powdered chemicals in my post about fire I’d like to see in the game.

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