Droppers Inheriting More Reward Properties and other suggestions

Hey, I’ve been playing around with some interactable objects as droppers, and have been wanting to make droppers seem more like searchable containers that add a bit more flavor to my map and locations. I’ve noticed that droppers can use the rewards system that spawns from a spawn table rather than just a list of drops in the dropper file itself. I really have enjoyed being able to have a weighted spawn table to have the dropper pull from, but there’s a few limitations that I think would be a great quality of life for making droppers feel more like searchable/interactable objects:

When using Interactability_Hint custom, it would be great to still allow the object to display the interact key. An easy solution is to put “Search [F]” in the localization, but it still wouldn’t account for people who change the interact key to a different key.

When a dropper is used, it would be great to be able to swap it into a binary state, such as make a dresser’s drawers switch to being open when interacted with.

Make interactable objects also inherit Reward_Origin so that the items dropped will be at the quality of their natural spawning state when set to World.

Make interactable objects also inheret Reward_Min and Reward_Max to allow for them to drop more than one item.

Thanks to anyone who looks at these suggestions, and if anyone has any other suggestions for interactable objects I’d love to hear them.


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