Drowning in memes


weren’t half of these relevant like

last fucking month


Meme topic suddenly become popular.

More popular than the actual useful topics. Great job guys.


Notice the fact that some of the older topics were revived by the same person


I didnt do anything bruh, why u include me in there.


It’s an automatic system that sorts by recent and unread posts


Not by intention, i’m just saying that we might have a bit of a meme problem on our hands here


I think it’s mainly that all of the topics in II, have been discussed to death already, and everyone is now waiting for the closed beta.


Laughs maniacally

Challenge. Accepted.


Why have you given me a dysfunctional link


I’m working on a phone ok? Just imagine the Spy going “Oh No!


I know

We’re helpfull


absolute legends, i’m surprised they didn’t call military police to the scene


Ha Ha Y- E- S


ma dude im just an innocent shitposter i have nothing to do with this…


Your Polarboi is doing his own thing and revivng shitposts and dead posts


nobody fucking cares, that’s why they died in the first place. it’s no coincidence that the topics you “revive” dont get any more activity after you reply.


ooh! savage :100: