Drugs in unturned

Ok my idea in unturned +Add drugs and add a system to craft drugs

(when i speak drugs, I tell any tipe of item passible of unique use than get to you something special this can be one advantage or put the user in a discomfortable situation maybe the two at same time)

Important things

  • Accumulation
    for quest of balanceament some drugs dont work or work less effectivness if you use two or more of same in a curt period of time. If you use really much of the same you go had some problems

Crafting system

Important Things

  • Syringe and consumables
    (will be possible to place the consumable on the Syringe are de same drugs but with one difference drugs on Syringe get an “Upgrade” turn he better)

  • Itens to craft and formula

In unturned 3.0 we have berries this berries get hallucinations and its possible put two berries together to stop this and get an advantage in your status. More life regen in radiation or same less life and less radiation.

My idea its use this but turn much more bigger and with infinites possibilitys to increase and add more drugs with a simple rules to formula.

The Formula To Craft Your Drugs

First of all to avoid than a genius carry a lot of itens to craft the drug when he need you go need a “drug work-bench” i pretend change this name. This bench show how make all drugs and the effects.


To make the drugs after craft the “Drug work-bench” and place in your home you go need berries in 3.0 we have 6 and its more than sufficient to make infinites possibilities.

i go call the berries of A,B,C,D,E,F

and its very simple its just put two together and make a new drug.

A + B =Drug Type AB regen 20Hp if comsumable
AB+D = Drug Type ABD Get 10% speed for 5min.

Detail = After 2 drugs or more the order affect the factors for example

A + B = Regen 20 Hp
B + A = Regen 20Hp

AB + D = Get 10% speed for 5min
BA + D = Get - 10% speed for 5min

Remember that is just examples but the idea is this same.


hey let’s encourage usage of illegal substances that surely won’t affect the game’s rating


This is a pretty good idea.Drugs could enhance performance of your character (in combat for example). Whole things reminds me of Wehrmacht soldiers taking methamphetamine in order to achieve effects similar to adrenaline.

With the potential benefits there should obviously be drawbacks too, otherwise it would not be balanced. One of the possible effects of substance abuse could be cardiact arrest.


cardiac arrest? bruh we might as well add ligma


A lot if most drugs arent illegal. Most if not everyone used drugs in their life, children too. I dont understand what you’re talking about

can i vape in u2


please tell me you forgot the /s


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Alcohol and tobacco are legal pretty much everywhere but muslim states, and cannabis is getting legalized a lot

Remember kids, drugs are bad

but radioactive berries aren’t :wink:


I think that things like berries are fine, but drugs based off the real-world stuff would do nothing but earn the game a bad rep and parents may not let younger kids play it because it has use of drugs.


English is so messed up I really dont know if you are talking about weed or antibiotics.


I think this is a too complex system, I would just like 10 different type of berries and you can only craft berry juice so it’s drinkable.


wait thats illegal

Im not being sarcastic you are just being ignorant and close minded

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A lot if most drugs arent illegal. Most if not everyone used drugs in their life, children too. I dont understand what you’re talking about

Everyone. He’s referring to common household drugs (allergy meds, vitamins,ect)

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Yes, exactly.

Apparently that is too hard to understand for some people

Ahoy spongeboy me bob, i just ingested 15 bottles of glue and now i am seeing martians!
Arg arg arg arg arg


Google Translate is bad at its job, that’s why