Dual wielding. (Hear me out)

Dual wielding has been brought up in the past, but some would say it’s unbalanced to have people running around with two Cobras with boxes yelling REEEE for the civ bullet hose. One can only imagine the horrors of the dual Maplestrike…

What might work, however, is allowing a single hand item to be wielded alongside a single hand weapon. For example, you’re using a pistol, so you can use that vaccine you have keybinded, maybe even lob a grenade. It could also work with rifles as a faster way to use items so you are defenseless for a shorter period.

This system can also be reused for reloading with magazines. It’s a pretty good way to show magazines and allow people to switch between tracer and fragmentation mags, for example. It also means reload animations showing the magazines are easier to use.

Dual wielding will be op BUT I think you should only dual a pistol and a flashlight. Idk dual wielding shouldn’t be in 4.0 in my opinion

One-handed items can already be dual-wielded in Unturned 4.



(ten characters ooga booga)

If dual maplestrike actually happened it would have to be incredibly inaccurate and recoil would be terrible no matter your skill.

Can just imagine walking around with a revolver and a flashlight, see another player, kill them execution style.

inb4 dual wielding minigun & rocket launcher


dual wielding HMG and MLRS*

peasantry creative plebs

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The Maplestrike is a two-handed weapon. It’s very impractical to dual wield.

It won’t be OP if you give a massive nerf to accuracy and drastically increase recoil which would be fitting, plus you can’t use stamina attacks or aim down sights/scope. At that point even a dual Cobra becomes a rough spray incapable of hitting anything at mid range.

inb4 dual wielding nailguns

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inb4 dual wielding StatCounter™ Bubbling Canned Beans | Mosaic

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