Durability affecting the amount of storage that your gear has (Small suggestion)

A small suggestion on how durability could affect the amount of storage that your gear has

Basically when your peace of clothing/equipment losses durability it would provide less storage. This would make it so that you would need to take care of your equipment and actually keep them in a good shape.

It could work by making squares in the storage unit unable to store items

What do you think?

  • Yes, I like it
  • Idk/Not sure
  • No, I don’t like it

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I know that this is a really small and quick suggestion but it didn’t fit in any other post that I’m working on right now, so I thought that I’d just make this quick topic to see what everyone thinks of it.


This is from dead matter,good suggestion tho :+1:

In theory, that’s a good idea, but in practice it may not be that good.
Imagine you carrying a gun in your coat, and then a zombie hits you and damages him and then, knowing that a weapon has 4x2 space, he loses one of the squares where the weapon is … And now? What happens? Will the weapon fall to the ground?


I’m not sure what should happen, but your gun should not fall out atleast thats for sure

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If your gun doesn’t fall out, then what is the penalty of losing storage space?

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well… you wont ba abel to store as much loot in it, isn’t that obvious?

Yes of course, so what happens to the gun if you no longer have the space to store it?

Assuming durability is percentage based, this would be really weird because every so often your storage container would either take no/1 square of/2 squares of damage if 1% is subtracted.

I would prefer if the ergonomics of the storage container are harmed, i.e you get more penalties for wearing the backpack if it’s full of stuff because one of the straps are broken or somerhing.


Don’t think it’s a good idea for the reasons said before . You don’t wanna grind 1/4 hour to fill a backpack that let items fall

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What @Syero said

I think it would be good if you would start losing squares first after the durability goes under something like 70%.

The idea would be that you can’t put any items into the red squares, I don’t want items to fall out of the backpack sinc that is just a bad game mechanic, exactly what would happen to the item when the square it is in breaks I’m not to sure about.

Alright let’s say that you have a 4x2 backpack with a 4x2 gun in it
A zombie hits you and you lose half of that (2x2)
Your gun will not fall but the next time you take it out, you can’t put the gun back in (or anything thats greater then 2x2)

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In a game like this, i don’t think storage penalties is a good idea.
It’s going to be really tedious to be losing slots. Making loot runs more of a pain/raiding too.
If i’m online raiding someone, it’s going to be way harder to do a lot of the things you need to get done when raiding someone

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I don’t dislike the idea, but I don’t think it makes sense for U4.

The system makes sense as a way to combat players hoarding tons of large items, because the random-ish slots becoming unusable makes it harder to efficiently store items. A mechanic like this makes a lot of sense when players have a lot of storage space, and that storage space shouldn’t be constantly filled.

The last we heard about storage in U4 was that it was planned for there to generally be less of it. While that’s subject to change, if there’s already less storage space and a weight-based system, then there’s not much reason to add this mechanic.

  1. Weight-based penalties already do a similar job at combating the hoarding of a lot of items, or at least a lot of large items.

  2. Less storage space means players aren’t going to be able to hoard as much to begin with. The mechanic only decreases the amount of usable space, and players would be better off just not filling up their entire backpack if it’s going to potentially become unusable space anyways.

If the slots that got damaged weren’t random-ish, then it’s a bit too game-y. Players would either intentionally leave some “fluff” empty space as to just not deal with it when it happens, or if nothing happens to items in the slots when they become unusable then people would just manually put irrelevant stuff in the slots most likely to become unusable.


I would prefer penalising on other variables such as the weather on poor clothing

it would be very annoying if someone shoots you from no where and you start dropping everything

This would be a downright annoying and hated feature, as it would be seemingly unnecessary to start loosing item slots because your backpack was damaged. It would be extremely annoying, and could ruin your day when you drop your gas mask (because of backpack damage) and would have to backtrack a kilometer just to find it, if it hasn’t already despawned.

Instead, as a counter suggestion, make it so damaged backpacks on spawning have reded out slots you can’t place items on, which players need to repair the backpack to access. Now since the backpack has been initially repaired, the player will never have to deal with reduced slots even if the backpack is damaged again.

That game looks good, I’m checking it out.

Not quite relevant to the discussion, I know, but Dead Matter is looking like it’ll be a major contender alongside Unturned II in the gaming community.

Both are very similar games, aiming for similar levels of immersion, slated to release around the same time, and coincidentally both have indie developers hailing from Calgary.

I do recommend checking it out, especially since they’ve made some very interesting design decisions, and there’s a lot of ideas Nelson can likely borrow from it as he has with other games.

That would be realistic, but it would just be a pain in the ass and not make the game feel any more fun, just tedious and infuriating.

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